Prof. Dr. Sergiy Panasyuk

European University and Ukrainian-American Concordia University

Presentation title: Legal challenges and war reality, Ukrainians should not mislead themselves

Abstract: Because of the terrible situation that Ukrainians are in, I mean a terrible war started by an international aggressor Russian Federation, the emotional state of Ukrainians may lead to irrational views. Because of that, the Ukrainian Nation has the real risk of accepting autocracy instead democracy. 58% of Ukrainians said that the most important thing for Ukraine now is a strong leader, but only 14% are supporters of the democratic system. There is a discussion in our society about such limitations as a ban for almost all men from 18 to 60 can't cross a national border to leave Ukraine. And despite such governmental actions violating the Constitution, many Ukrainian people support it. Ukraine has a really challenging situation in all spheres, and we face the real risk of losing part of our sovereignty. That is why the whole nation should be consolidated. But, In the author’s opinion, any economic, political, or other situation, or even war, can't cancel law and democratic principles of government. That is why Ukrainians should not mislead themselves that a strong leader is better than democracy, as they believe now.