Prof. Dr. Zinaida Smutchak

Prof. Dr. Zinaida Smutchak

Flight academy of National aviation university

Presentation title: Russian aggression and forced migration in Ukraine

CV: In 2000 graduated from the Poltava Cooperative Institute, majoring in «Accounting and Auditing». In 2001 graduated from Kirovohrad State Technical University, majoring in «Accounting and Auditing». In 2011 defended thesis for the degree of candidate of economic sciences on the topic: «Harmonization of social and labour relations in the conditions of modernization of the national economy».

Member of the specialized academic council K 23.073.03 with the right to accept for consideration and conduct the defense of dissertations for obtaining the scientific degree of candidate of economic sciences in the specialties 08.00.03 «Economics and management of the national economy» and 08.00.07 «Demography, labour economics, social economy and politics» at the Central Ukrainian National Technical University.

In 2019 defended dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences on the topic: «Methodology and practice of regulating migration processes in Ukraine under the conditions of European integration» (specialty 08.00.07 – Demography, labour economy, social economy and politics) PVNZ «Lviv University of Business and Law». 
The author of more than 190 publications of a scientific, educational and methodological nature.
Field of scientific interests: migration of labour resources, international migration, migratory policy, social and labour relations, social partnership, social responsibility.
Russian aggression in Ukraine caused a devastating humanitarian crisis, giving impetus to the fastest forced displacement of the population since the Second World War. More than 5,23 departures occurred after February 24, 2022 million refugees fleeing hostilities in neighboring countries, namely in Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Slovakia. A significant number of refugees - more than 1.48 million people - went to other countries. At the same time, due to the conflict,  approximately 7,7 million people became internally displaced. The full-scale war has made the functioning of nearly all branches of the Ukrainian economy impossible or very difficult. At the same time, economic activity is resuming in the regions where there has been no combat, as well as in the de-occupied regions. However, economic activity has shrunk significantly in eastern and southern regions. There, companies have stopped working (conservation, bankruptcy), facilities have been damaged or destroyed.
Due to the war, companies from eastern and southern regions have to move their production to safer locations. In order to develop policies for adapting city infrastructure, it is important to collect information about the changing population structure and the needs of IDPs.