Prof. Dr. Yuriy Ivanov

Research Centre for Industrial Problems of Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;. Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics

Presentation title: Ukraine: genesis and risks of preferential wartime tax policy

(together with Dr. Vlada Karpova)

CV: Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Enterprise’s Economy and Forms of Business, Kharkiv State University of Economics, Ukraine, 1997

Ph.D in Economic of Enterprises and Management forms and planning of the economy (industry), Kharkiv Engineering-Economic Institute, USSR, Ukraine, 1983

M.Sc., Engineer-economist, Kharkiv Engineering-Economic Institute (at present - S. Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Ukraine), specialty "Economics and Organization of Metallurgical Industry", USSR, Ukraine, 1977
Current position: Research Centre for Industrial Problems of Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Chief Researcher since 2011
Abstract: The report is devoted to the study of the development of the tax policy of Ukraine peculiarities during the war period. The Ukrainian experience is analyzed, the problems and risks of tax reform are identified. The periodization is justified and the specifics of different stages of the preferential tax policy of wartime and the post-war revival of the economy are revealed. The principles of the preferential tax policy building in the conditions of war are formulated.